Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road Trip

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"

Our(Fk and me ) trip to Hogenakkal, Yercaud and Pondi was more about biking and the destinations were just a resting point.

When we hit the NH 46 in the morning we realized that we had forgot the trip- map in our flat.The highway(The Blue one in the map) was too good and nothing could have been better place for biking.So we kept on riding upto Hongenakkal without taking breaks.

Hogenakkal: Rightly called,"The Niagra of India" was beautiful and many movies have been shot here including Roja.As soon as you get down you will be followed by boatmen to take a boat ride. But it is better to roam about the place a bit and may be at the last take the boat ride. There is water everywhere and many rocks to sit on flowing water.You can choose a rock and, "Chill out."There are many fishes in the water and you can catch one with your hands.There is a spot for bathing and the cool bath was worth it.

Yercaud: The road from Salem to Yercaud is awesome especially with 20 hairpin turns and the temperature dropping by each turn.Yercaud is just like any other hill station (But Kodai was better) with named spots and the same view.It was diwali night but the place looked the same as any other day. There were a lot of perfume factories in and around the place.We just wanted the cool breeze and biking so we did that for 2-3 hours and then started the journey back to Chennai.

Pondi: The highway(The red one in the map) that we took while coming back was not that good but the attraction was that Pondi had good beer and French babes.The Tea and sandwiches near the Rock beach were awesome. We took the ECR to Chennai and biking was a real pleasure.The Photo below was taken by a French babe.

Here are our trip Statistics.(Thanks Fk.)


Mohan said...

Mind blowing statistics dude.
Top speed of 105 Km/hr will be the highlight of all these statistics.
"The Niagra of India" looks really awesome.

funny said...


Aniket said...

Sahi hai dudes!

Moli said...

Hogenakkal looks like a great spot for some bachcha pose photos ...
Great trip ... Good you put the map .. easier to follow that way ..