Thursday, August 23, 2007


"Few people even scratch the surface , much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience "
I was once very touched by Anton Checkov's story "The Bet ". Its about a lawyer who becomes wise by living in solitude . i tried this out. There was an empty room in my house , small , no windows and no furniture at all . I just locked myself with no mobile , books ,clock , absolutely nothing .
you know it was an entirely different world inside the room. damn silence , white walls which went black as i switched off the lights . i felt that when you are alone thoughts start pouring in and the same happened . I started thinking wisely . " i realised that we are slaves , we are slaves of our dreams , our thoughts .We dont know where we are heading to just moving on life's course blindly .People talk of "pursuit of happiness " but ask them i am sure they cant define happiness . happiness is a very difficult thing to understand . we are becoming materialistic in our search of glory . we have become slaves of the system .Mere materialistic things cant make one happy , in fact that happiness is an illusion .
I have heard people saying " i am feeling lonely or saying "missed you alot ". In fact we are always lonely in our life . relationships are meagre boundages but the whole idea is that we lead the whole life for our own , we come alone we go alone . our life is much like a link in a long chain with a very important difference that the others link are unaffected by the other link .
We all are aware of the three dimensions but there are many other dimensions which can be perceived in solitude . Introspections are important part of life . May be shear silence can illuminate our dark misdirected life .

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bringing Light

"Where knowledge is free , where the world has not been broken into narrow domestic walls".
So great were RABINDRANATH TAGORES words but we have totally deviated from his thoughts .
I have spent first 6 years of my life in village and i started my primary education in the village school . Even today when i visit my village school i am amzed that nothing has changed in these15 years , the same blackboards, children sitting on shacks and half the year the school closed due to lack of teachers ,rain or social issues .
i am talking of the villages where if a family member dies its happy news as there is one stomach less to feed . Where the whole family commits suicide as they can not sustain the survival pressures . i have seen people kill , fight for very small sum of money . all of this is due to ignorance , lack of guidance leading to poverty that makes them commit heinous crimes or resort to suicide.
During my summer vacations i saw the same situation in a colony near to my home .I used to go for milk in that colony and saw how small children spoiling their future . The children there never go to school and spent the whole day looking after their cattle . Some of them were also addicted to smoking and gambling . I was overwhelmed by the situation and decided to do something for them. i persuaded my mom to take out some time for these downtrodden .
my mom agreed and she started free night classes for the lot . It started with 2 children and today there are 20 of them .
Well friends let's bring hope and light in others life , you will be blessed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my first blog

"whenever you are away ,
i crawl up in a corner
to watch the minutes pass
i can't take the miles"
these are some of the lines taken from the movie " serendipity". literally speaking serendipity means good fortune .
well this reminds me of last diwali. i had to travel 70 km to catch a train from kharagpur and there was no bus , taxi available . i also knew that even if i get a bus i will not make up in time . all i needed was a bit of luck and it came . i asked for a lift in a car and the interesting point was that i got it in the first try .this reminds me of serendipity .
freinds also if you have not watched this movie its a must watch sort .