Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Minutes

Last month was something which i had lost it in last four years but somehow got it back in the last few days . That urge to rub your ass off has come back . Seems that it is the best time to take some positive steps(except love life) . Have two job interviews scheduled in this month apart from the fact that I have to join my job from July.

A phase in life is about to end and I am keen to end it as soon as possible . Once again I am back on those crossroads where there are opportunities but I don't know what I have to make of these. Things like music , photography , traveling seems great but is it what i want to do? Or the other part CAT , GMAT , IAS ( with I.A.S. have an obligation , have to at least give it sometime being a Bihari :))Then other questions as well what job , core , consultancy , finance or the current one, where to I fit in ? All depends on what I want to do , I am not sure and so are you.

Discussing with Moli today about Love life also raised many questions. Another frontier which needs thinking . In DPS there was a time when I was surrounded by so many hot females but ambitions made me less ambitious . Not to blame IIT for it because after DPS it could have never happend here .

Tommorrow is a very important day as it decides the fate of my BTP .

So many questions need to think 10 minutes about life :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A lazy Sunday spent washing clothes , cleaning room , 8 hours of 29 with hula, fkd , tattu , s9 , baba , shruti , bhaiya . People cooked fish in evening , played footer and Baba's treat at Rice bowl. Coming back to insti lots of talk about girls.

Now that is a super Sunday .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Parting from relatives , friends and especially mom has always been emotional for me. Whenever I come back from home you must see her eyes , any moment and they will give in.

I deliberately avoided meeting Moli and Mamme while they were going for summer holidays. I know I can't stand it. But there was another assurance in the fact that they will be here for another year.But today I had to be there when bhale and bhondu were leaving.Lots of teasing and laughing to relive the tension. But once they sat on the car my eyes gave in. It hurts so much especially if one by one everyone leaves.

They were really one of the best friends in my life. So many times I made bhale drink to his high and then enjoyed his half closed eyes and laughs. Shouting at him to stop singing was a part of daily routine which I enjoyed the most . May be he cares a lot about the Bhopal lake and teasing him on that was also some fun.Some of his pics will always make me laugh. Will him miss him for the fags we had together.

The summer we spent together in Delhi was something which brought us so close .Slow eating , slow running was a trade mark of him.May be the only one in the wing whom I may say a dude . The underweight dude with a paunch makes me laugh. Forgot to mention that also a slow reader , remember Helen Of Troy which he completed in 3 months and was never able to complete The Book Thief. He plans to read Harry Potter in summer .

You can't imagine how painful it is to see your rooms closed and the paper on Bhondu's room still reads, "Wake me up at 8."

Monday, May 18, 2009


A Vodafone message reads ,"Do you know how many times will you fall in love before you find your true love ?"
And then it says to sms to some no. to know it. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just For Fun

"Dude you will not get a nice pasta here."
"Sir Kahaan se aya aaplog?"
"It will be much better than Chennai here."
Seeing the confidence we ordered and it was really awesome.The dinner I had yesterady night was damn good .
Walking out of the lab in payjamas and bathroom slippers to board a bus to pondi was some fun.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just one night

If you can enjoy yourself in a place smelling of puke, shit, piss and alcohol , you call it FIKARNOT.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Harry finished his schooling and me the college :)
We both had a great time.
But, wait I still have to work some more days and at least to get my degree.

After a long days of work what can a person think of while staring at the stars?
I saw the stars as points in a workspace and wondering whether I will get a smooth curve joining a set of stars using cubic spline.

"Need to think 10 minutes over my BTP."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Laundry people announcing on the mic,"Laundi pick up and delivery" :)

ON DDP,"I did the experiments using 4 KG weights , Simulation using 7 Kg and in thesis i have written it as 9 KG's"

Hum Spencers kyoun ja rahe hain Moli bhai . Reply' "Ice cream khane ."