Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Argetina vs Venezuela friendly in Kolkata

While going to Vaishno devi , it was "Jai mata Di,Jai mata Di",to Kedarnath,"Bol Bum,Bol Bum " but this time on my trip to Kolkata it will be,"Messi Messi", after all pilgrimage is all about faith.

This Monday i had the opportunity to watch a live match between TFA and Sikkim.The main attraction of the match was Baichung Bhutia and it was a pleasure seeing him play.Some months ago I played a half along with Subodh,a member of Indian football team.This Friday i will be watching Messi play.Somehow this year is turning out to be a wonderful year of football.

And for all those who are cracking jokes on Arsenal,"It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A reason to smile

Dear Blog,

I have always shared happy moments with you.Though i have not shared my desperate times much , i assure you that there weren't many and besides i have a bunch of great friends for all that.

I am happy today and an email has just made my day.I got the confirmation for participating in the Mumbai marathon.When i told you the reason of pursuing  an MBA, I was truthful.This marathon gives me an opportunity to meet my friends and note that I don't call it a reason because one does not need a reason to meet a friend.You know, the best part of college was  those evening runs with friends and in January i will be running with them again.

 I write this here because not all the emails I have received lately had the words like: delighted and congratulations.I have always held to fragments of hope and this hope has always carried me through the most adverse of situations.I think i can do with some hope at this juncture.

To quote from The Shawshank Redemption ,"There are places in this world that are not made out of stone.That there's something inside that they can't get to,that they can't touch.That's yours.......hope." 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Freedom run- Aarambh 2011

The 5km race organised by IIM Ranchi named it as,"Freedom Run" though for me running has always been,"Run for Freedom."With a national flag on the chest and a chakra on the T-shirt I ran to celebrate the most important day of the Indian calender. 5km track has become a routine for me.The track where I generally run is exactly 2.5 km long and on any given day I easily run 2 rounds of it.The average time ranges from 21-25 minutes.So considering the distance it was a routine run but the joy of running with so many people is different.The good thing about these runs is that each experience is different.We human beings live for a change and running is a means for the same. 
Coincidentally i have received a  book named,"This is not that dawn-Yashpal" by the Crosswords group for reviewing.The book is the English translation of ,"Jhootha Sach",one of the most profound works on India-Pakistan partition.We live in a twitter and facebook world, a world which mostly makes narcissists.On this Independence day we may not find many reasons to celebrate.India, no doubt is soon emerging as a fast growing nation but in the run we have been paralyzed by corruption.It is high time we woke up and contributed our bit.

At the stroke of midnight with our bellies stuffed give it a thought,"Is it our Independence day or an independence holiday." 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Defining Atheist

"Any one who does not watch football is an atheist."---Abhinav

So the biggest thing on planet Earth starts  tomorrow and I feel excited much like the millions around the globe.

What is Football?

 Sweat,blood,passion,tackles,throughballs,goals,saves,tears,joy,fights,handshakes,booing,singing,victory,loss,points,mistakes,skill and many other uncountable things.But above all it is a religion which unifies people around the world irrespective of color and ethnicity.A religion which is not preached but widely followed by the masses.If there is a practical art of living life it is football.Not only football teaches you to be resolute but also to be patient in adversity.Someone who has seen football can understand the importance of a second, the significance of an opportunity,the virtue of  a decision  and meaning of loyalty.Call it passion,enthusiasm or commitment but the fact is that it is all in one and one in all.

I am a born Gunner and I put my stakes again on Arsenal.Hope this year brings some silverware."For Arsenal we live for Arsenal we die."
So which club are you supporting ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give me some sunshine

It has been raining cats and dogs here, especially in the evenings.Sad part is that the authority close the stadium whenever it rains.A few lines reflecting that i have lost my mind and have succumbed to boredom.

Kai shaam hum
ghar mein sad liye
ek shaam to ab humein
khelne do khelne do

Give me some sunshine 
someone stop the rain
give me another chance 
i want to play again

Kandhon ko geele kapde
ke bojh ne jhukaya
waarish mein bheengna to
khud mausam ne sikhaya
chatri hai to sahi warna padi

Tip tip kar barsa
sara din saala
bijli ki karak ne hila diya ghar saara

July mein bhi barse
aur adha august bhi
ek shaam to ab humein
khelne do khelne do

Kai shaam hum
ghar mein sad liye
ek shaam to ab humein
khelne do khelne do

na na na na na na 
ab aur barasna na.... na na ........


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sitting in a classroom of my school for the first time i realized that it was a classroom.