Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my first blog

"whenever you are away ,
i crawl up in a corner
to watch the minutes pass
i can't take the miles"
these are some of the lines taken from the movie " serendipity". literally speaking serendipity means good fortune .
well this reminds me of last diwali. i had to travel 70 km to catch a train from kharagpur and there was no bus , taxi available . i also knew that even if i get a bus i will not make up in time . all i needed was a bit of luck and it came . i asked for a lift in a car and the interesting point was that i got it in the first try .this reminds me of serendipity .
freinds also if you have not watched this movie its a must watch sort .


aniket said...

us expedition me main bhi tere saath tha. mera naam kyon nahi likha???

bhale said...
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bhale said...

Nice start.. Write something philosophical now.. thats your area of expertise

Moli said...

as Neta bhai said..
eagerly waiting for a philosophical post of yours