Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Project

Well it ended may be with this senti mail from my proff

Dear Abhinav & Aniket

It was pleasure having you here. both of you are very hardworking. I am very happy seeing your potential.

Please feel free to contact me whenever you want to. whatever i can do i will try.

May God Bless you both.

Thanks & regards

Sheeba kapil

The lasts

So finally I come to an end of a chapter of my life . It was the last summer with my beloved friends and also a happy memory of many new friends I made here . Last time I entered the college I was doing project in. Especially it is the last night here and I am not happy about being in home . Well I dont have much creativity to write a song like " Summer of 69 " but I tell you it was much more than that . I just partied with my friends mamme and antenna and about the last time I will be sleeping in this airy room of IITD. So here is the last season , every thing I will be doing in the Insti will be for one but last time .

Here is the pic of my college and I was standing there for one last time .

And another one of the dhabas , the last of the cold drinks and ice creams.

I am happy the last footer game here ended with the rain dance and more happy join my team mates at my home.

And so here is it
Tomorrow will be the last day when I look through my window and the last time i step out of the hostel with my bags packed .
And then it will be the end , a total end to a happy phase of life .

And how can i forget my beloved friends Mamme and dilli without whom the whole summers would have been tasteless.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sometimes small things can bring us so much happiness. I have been playing football here in the IITD ground for sometime now. Its fun to play here in the lush green ground and most importantly stud junta.So it was another day of football and almost at the end of the play it started raining heavily . It was a welcome rain as it had been quite hot and humid for the whole month. We danced , played and just skidded in the rain . It was great fun . These are the moments that define freedom , pleasure and may be this is life . Finding pleasures in small things is becoming a habit . The natural beauty of the field in the rain was awesome ,all it requires is appreciating it . And then the 2 km run back to the hostel was worth the effort . It was freedom just bathing in the rain and running with so many friends .One of the beautiful evenings of my life .

Friday, July 11, 2008


Much read and said about the book and after reading it seems everything is true. The whole story is great .Its about love , friendship, faith and above all its about our country . I thought I knew my country well but after reading the book have changed my mind . Shantaram has presented his thoughts profoundly . So here I would like to quote 3 of the paragraphs which were really great.

"My dear friend , you can stand to eat a meal- if you must- and you can stand to make love -if you are able - but it is impossible to stand and drink whisky. It is the act of a barbarian. A man who stands up to drink a noble alcohol like whisky , in all but a toast to some noble thing or purpose , is a beast - a man who will not stop at nothing.

"When you put a lot of money , new and old , into one room- millions of rupees counted twice and snapped into bundles with rubber bands - it stinks- . I like money Didier once said to me but i hate the smell of it . The more happiness i get from it , the more throughly i have to wash my hands afterwards.

"There is no man , and no place , without war . The only thing we can do is choose a side , and fight . That is the only choice we get -who we fight for , who we fight against . That is life.

And last but not least this line from the book is really great "everyone in the whole world , Karla once said , was Indian in at least one past life. "

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This one is the view from my room.There are no bars on the window and so leaning out of the window and feeling the fresh air has become a favorite habit . Especially when it rains u can almost touch it . I love this view too much and so keeping this pic as a memoir.


This one is a road in front of one of the gates . Well I have kept this pic for a reason . You can see some grass cut on the road and kept . Well it has that smell of mitti and grass after a long time . The picture reminds me of the aroma , my place , my town , my village .

Monday, July 7, 2008

Being positive

I was standing in queue at the SBI bank today . Nothing to do much when you are standing in a long line.There was a give up boy standing with a decent girl as is the case I have noticed umpteen times. So the regular cursing and the same give up feeling.

But suddenly I saw a deaf and dumb chai wala serving tea to the officials. He was famous there as some of the staff were talking to him through signs . The best part of this guy was his large smile .Even you can say a lots about people seeing their smile .So was his a whole hearted smile . He was happy I confess and much happier than many of us. This is all about happiness its within and in the hearts . You need to positive and happy about things .His smile made me understand the character Prabhakar in Shantaram. He really made my day.

So the moral is try harder , be positive and you will also have a girl friend.