Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Movie Day

Well one of those days dedicated to some 5 movies:


Transporter- 1

Transporter- 2

Good Will Hunting

The Pianist


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

E Slot Status

Students are requested to use this net for academic and placement purpose only.

Exams are nothing but a spurious way of judging a students caliber.

I have become comfortably dumb.

Divided we mug united we fart.


Satan has forsaken me.

you can never be too busy to have a coffee with a friend.

ironic but lucky we are studying finance in the current financial crisis.

And mine status was " Haule haule ho jayega pyaar "

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Some things in life make you really crazy, may be for me the are these footer studs.A very small thing in my life but wearing it gives me energy. No matter how tired I may be but a game of footer is always on the cards.

So goes the story of this footer stud. Was running out of money in Delhi and still had to buy one of those.Finally found this in a shop at Sarojini Market.Was fun playing in Delhi for the whole summer. Then it travelled with me to my home where another two weeks of football was played. The last part was in Chennai where I played a lot of football even winning an intra hostel tournament.

Yesterday I saw a big hole and realized that the end has come.But it was such a loving memory that I couldn't help writing about it.

Note : Picture edited by moli.
Blog header by Mamme.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bachcha Pose

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cultivating Human Values

We are in many ways similar to animals considering the fact that we sleep, eat food, fear and procreate. But what sets us apart is our ability to think. Einstein said that he was startled by two things the most: 1.Starry heaven 2. Human mind. What is important in our thinking is to incorporate moral values in us. For example consider a set of zeros, there is no value to it even if we have hundreds of zeros , but nay digit put before the zero adds value to it. We are sets of zeros and our moral values adds values to us.

Values are to be pondered upon seriously. Many a times we neglect things considering it to be of no value. A perfect example of this can be cited as : consider that there is a dead buffalo , it may be of no value to us but a tanner knows its value. He gets the leather and sells it in market to make money . The purchaser in turn sells it to a factory. The factory makes out chappals from it and these are put at display in showrooms. In the whole process there is a value addition. So is the case with man ,moral values adds value to his personality.

Martin Luther King had said " Along with education there should be ethics." It is so important that even N.C.E.R.T. is introducing value education all through out the new curriculum.Values in education is something very fundamental. During the second world war there were doctors who used to inject poison to millions of Jews.Chemistry does not teach to make bombs.A revolver in a soldiers hand is of value but imagine a dacoit carrying a revolver.Moral values are much about perspective. In order to make it clear let's consider this : Two ladies are chatting
First " My son is so unlucky. His wife is so lazy and he has to do all the work in home."
Second " what about your daughter? "
First " Oh! she is so lucky , his husband is good he does all the work in house."

Punctuality is a value, honesty is a value and even manual work is a value. But there are many values which are very important in our lives.

Integrity of character: It is about being reliable,truthful and consistent. Sri Rama Krishna has said " Truthfulness is the austerity of the sage." A truthful person will be careful about his promises.


Shanti: Shanti comes from forgiveness.A weak person cannot forgive because it is the act of the brave.

Non- Violence: It is of three types
1. Krita- Do yourself
2. Karita- Make someone do it.
3. Anumodita- Approve someone who has done it.
Violence and non-violence should be seen in a flexible manner. Sometimes violence is non- violence.Even Mahatma Gandhi injected poison to his calf so that it may be relieved from pain. Even Geeta states " Ahimsa Parmodharma." Mental non-violence (absence of jealousy ) is a real test of non-violence.

Love: It is considered highest among the values.But love implies love towards God and not self centered love.Love is of three types:
1. 2 people love each other as they both gain from it.
2. You love me I love you.
3. I love you even if you dont.
When you love God it is selfless love.

Purity of Life: Brahmacharya , respect for others, restrict our desires, sense of seeking pleasure. As per Sanatan Dharma sexual craving should be controlled and there should be purity of conduct and mind.

To conclude a short story: A guru once asked his disciples " When do you know the sun has Risen?"
1> I identify an animal and if i can distinguish whether it is cow or goat.
2> I see various plants and if i can distinguish mango tree from a neem.
3> I seek a person who i know and see whether I can recognize him.
The Guru replied" When you look at any man an realize he is your brother, when you look at any woman and realize she is your sister ,Sun has risen.

Note : Compiled from today's lecture at VSC(Vivekananda Study Circle).

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today in the hospi sister asked

" Tamila"
Me: No sister

" Telgua"
Me: No sister

Me: No sister

Me: Sister "Bihari"

I don't know why she was taken aback and did not talk to me for the next fifteen minutes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today's fortune: A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you

Wish my CAT admit card is on its way

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Review

The Inscrutable Americans
By: Anurag Mathur

I would categorize this book as a Masala book and mostly fall to the types of "Five Point Someone " and "One Night At Call Center ".Read the whole book on a train and was so captivating that I completed it in one sitting.
The story centers around an average Indian who goes to U.S. for his studies. Like any other Indian he was stuck with this Indian principals and the U.S. open habits was considered a TABOO for him. He meets a helping friend in US who opens new avenues for him and exposes him to a completely glamorous world. From being a vegetarian, non -alcoholic and virgin (very uncommon in US for someone of his age ) he attains entirely great feats in these fields.
Overall a time pass book handy to read on a long journey totally filled with fun and frolic.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Love Guru

This is about someone in the wing (Playboy!!).He went to hyderabad this time and again met the SHAASTRA girl. I just asked him some questions and the replies were really great.

Me: Tere ko kya lagta hai pyaar hua hai kya ?
X: Haan ek baar aur aisa feel hua tha kabhi is baar bhi waisa lag raha hai.

Me: To bol deta na usko
X: Yaar pichle baar sach bola tha usne mana kar diya aur agar is baar bhi sach bola to kahin mana na kar de.Yaar jab bhi jhoot bola hun ladki pati hai be .

X: Jhoot bol kar ladki patana aasaan hai be .

Me: To bata de na usko kya problem hai ?
X: iske chakkar mein mujhe sare affairs band karne padenge , isliye mujhe lag raha hai ki isko pack marun ya nahin.

Me: tujhe kya lagta hai uska kya stand hai ?
X: Yaar sahi lag raha hai sab , bus stand par bhi she was searching me and poore time kaha ki mujhe accha lag raha hai tumhare saath.