Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well looking at the above picture the black spells "good" and white spells "evil".This is the whole point i want to put forward . I was attending a workshop on film making today and by chance i took down some notes too. But there were some lines spoken which had double meaning(however the speaker never intended the other meaning which i am talking off) . You can interpret only if you think in my way . So these are the lines ...........

1. The equipment is not a small toy which you can play around with.
2. It did have jerks but you can improvise.
3. You have to go down , go up , it is very difficult you have to practice .
4. I brake the rules i use jerk.
5. Start up with the hut and then come to the village.
6. If you go for a high angle shoot , the mood enhances.
7. It takes time for chic to come out but seconds to destroy it .
8. Story , plot , characterization , crisis , climax.
9. The position with you catch the characters is important.
10. Close your eyes and visualize the story.

Friday, October 5, 2007



Well this is the theme for the annual tech fest of iit madras .
Luckily i got the opportunity to appear in one of the posters .It depicts that a time will come when whole of the earth will be submerged and so we must be prepared for the future.
The situation is very alarming . I list some of the facts :
1.Past 12 years have been the hottest since 1850.
2.It takes 10 times more energy to produce frozen
food than fresh food.
3.40%decrease in thickness in arctic ice pack from
1960 to 2005
4. Developed countries have 20% of world's
population and consume 60% of total energy.
"Overall its a request from iit junta to switch off their comps, light and fan when not in room. Let us all make a beginning ."