Monday, March 30, 2009


Eateries Committee:
Job Description : Ensuring that every one gets hygienic and edible food.
My Work :That is something impossible and so I set an example by not going to basera in my tenure . My analogy is that why eat in the campus when so many restaurants are nearby . Pizza Hut and Dominos serve much better food and Ascendas will run out of business if we stop going there. Overall it was a successful tenure marked by the fact that I did not get a single complaint and I did not attend any meetings either.

C-Tides : Great work here because being a marketing manager I had to come up with strategies to publicize our events . Really the marketing course was so helpful and most of the semster I spent on applying what I had learnt .Deciding on the 4 P's was a great mental exercise. By the time strategy was planned the damage was done and suddenly I realized that I forgot to do the SWOT analysis and so I had to start all over again. Things moved on smoothly even if I was not present in the events or the meetings . A full proof marketing strategy is ready now which is applicable for any event in the world so I am planning to put it as a business plan.

I don't want to write about IndiKhelo here because currenlty I am wearing their T- Shirt.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Job Talk

Me:First few months of job , no savings yaar .
Arpan: Oba
Ankit : Have you been to dance bars at Pondi , there are some three in no.
Arpan: Hunnnn....!!
Me:How much does it cost ?
Ankit:8K to 10K
Me:Plan mein change , First two months we have to save a lot.
Arpan : Agreed :)

Friday, March 27, 2009


You Don't need to go to Himalayas for a trip , Pink Floyd music is the best ingridient for a trip. Asking some people who are regular trippers reveals the fact that they trip to trip.For them the trip matters more than the destination. The B. T. dept is the most coveted place of all but water tanks on hostel roofs and the oxidation pond are some wonderful places.
"A true artist is one who can roll in a packed audience and a successful trip is one if you had a wonderful trip."

Friday, March 20, 2009

The King Of Good Times

If you are in your final semster , the craving for the hydroxy group on any arbit day is natural. So I had one of these cravings and was pleased to find others who also thought the same . As usual I had to do the honors of getting the poison that too in a single bag. ( Exploited every inch of the Nett App bag).

So here was it a perfect set up for a rocking night.As the thirst started getting quenched, memories started engulfing the hot night. Though the last four years were short in time but we made it big in a lifetime. The ritual of watching the wing videos one after the other started . There is one which I have named as "Moli Stud Dance" but I felt yesterday that its name should be changed to, "Mamme Stud Dance".Followed by all the good times we had,be it , the placement season, Delhi Nights, Gurgaon roof , Arunachal Trip and what not. A realization that such gem moments were impossible without such great friends around.

Nights like these will be very few and i am happy we made it a night today.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle diaries
The story is about a bike trip of an ordinary man. Two medical students on a old bike (La Poderosa 2 ) set out on a long journey which later on becomes a lifetime journey( December 1951 to August 1952 covering Argentina , Chile , Peru , Colombia and Venezuela).

The journey was made when they were still to complete the final year of their medical study. The description of landscapes , culture , valleys , rivers, etc is beautiful. Low on financial resources each day was a struggle and sometimes they had to sleep hungry without bed too.Attcaks of asthama and mosqitoes added to their problems. But these were temporary , the trip opened Che's eyes. He came in close proximity with poverty, with hunger , with disease , with lack of resources and this is wehere he decided to become a revolutionary doctor.

Che was an ordinary man at the starting of the journey but at the end he was a transformed man and this was the starting point of a great revolution.

Eight years after writing The MotorCycle Diaries , Ernesto Che Guevara had become a central figure in Cuba's revolutionay government.After his journey with Alberto Granado , he had travelled again through Latin America , experienced the CIA -backed coup in Guatemala and joined the Cuban revolutionary movement that eventually took power in 1957.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

T20 Finals

India : Two Hundred fucking languages and a billion people , it's cricket that keeps us together .

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It is very rare that one feels so sad for someone , I think today was one of those days .

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Homework : Yaar koi movie bata mast wali jyada dimag bhi na lagana pade.

Me:See "Good Fellas " IMDB - 8.8

After sometime

Homework : Yaar 1990 ki movie hai.

Me :Yaar tu bhi to 1987 ka hai par itna bura to nahi hai.

Book Reveiw: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Name : To kill a mocking bird.
Author : Harper Lee
Prize:Pulitzer Prize Winner

"Shoot all the Bluejays you want, if you can hit' em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mocking bird."

The author wrote this book in a very racially tensed time. The book deals with the issues of racism and injustice.The Mocking bird symbolizes the innocence of some of the characters and shows how innocence is exploited.Best part of the novel was the authors approach to characters. All of them had a deceptive appearance of character. Some of the characters who seem to be bad come out to be the real goods. Sometimes we form a bad notion of people whom we have not met and when we meet them we find that they were really good .There are so many small incidents which are so inspirational and most of the time it appears that you are living the story.

The story telling ability of the author is wonderful and no doubt it is hailed as one of the good classics to read.


Pyaar Waar sab fart cheeg hoti hai dost ,

Aadmi sabse jyada pyaar khud se hi karta hai .

Thursday, March 5, 2009


A school in Ranchi leads the way to teaching politics . With the Lok Sabha elections coming up the place is buzzing. I wonder if they offer a crash course, some people in Insti need to learn ethical politics.
Here are some articles on the topic.
If someone from wing is interested free accomodation in my home :)

Monday, March 2, 2009



Pained when you can't right click on a photo in Orkut and can't copy the same .

Crack : Drag the photo to your address bar and a new link opens which is the source code of the pic. Just right click now in the new link and copy the pic.