Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Header

A New Header for the new year to come . Thanks to "Leela" for designing it.

Fikar Not

Hi friends today we celebrate the First Anniversary of our beloved "Fikar Not ." We were at this place last year today and there were some very sweet memories. To quote one of the incidents where mamme almost got drowned in the river flowing alongside. The best part in the incident was Neta's laugh and one of the most pic of his that we clicked there. He behaved truley to the tradition of "Fikar Not " by not worrying [:)]. Incidentally my profile pic of the blog was also clicked there. The best part was that we carried on the name and linked through it , so at the advent of a new year let's pledge to keep the name high and "May Our Firendship see many happy moments for time to come"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memories Of first Year

This was in the first year interaction session with seniors. The background voice is of suri and the 5 people are
First Row : Moli and Me
Second row:Ataani
Third Row :Phani and Bhondu.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Highway Star

Biking has always been a passion and so was another such experience @ Pondi especially because after a long time had a female pillion. Best thing about biking is that you could explore places and so did we explore an isolated Auroville Beach. The lunch was something to mention about as we walked out of two restaurants due to exactly opposite reasons I suppose. The tea shop at the Rock beach was costly but the experience was worth it. Over all a great day from all worries.

Merry Xmas everybody.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


" Life feels like an aquarium when there's nobody in the wing"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iron Maiden In India

If you are also planning to see this concert just send me a comment . A fan club pre-sale will be open to the fan club members via in early January with tickets going on sale to the public and at retail outlets on the 26th January.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Black an White

Homo sapiens are provided with the capability of choosing between either good or evil. The development of good or evil in a human being depends on various factors, such as bio-genetic and social influences. The most influential of them include parental care, community they belong to, character formation etc. Right from the beginning leaders have tried to direct the human race in the path of righteousness. Good examples include the ten commandments of Moses in the Old Testament, the Greek scholars’ quest for knowledge and virtue, the teachings of Buddha in the east, and so on.

The very purpose of every religion is cultivating human values and moral values. All religions propound that human beings will be rewarded according to their deeds. Religions also encourage them to choose good by instilling the fear of horrible punishments for evil doers. Whereas, they assure that the reward for virtuous people will be of eternal happiness and glory. These religions are mystical by nature and are based upon the revelations made by supernatural beings at different times to good people.

There has been an intense research on the psyche of human beings and the existence of supernatural beings. Science does have some sort of explanation for the behavior of human kind, but it was more of serendipity than an intentional research. Psychologists have been trying to figure out the capabilities and intentions of human mind. Sigmund Freud a well-known scientist proposed the theory of Id, ego, and super ego as the three levels of human mind.

Id is said to be animal instinct present in the human beings, after all they are social animals. This characteristic of humans is the basis of all evil and immoral activities. Ego on the other hand is the one that instigates the human values and moral values hidden in the human mind. It is said that every moral lesson taught by the leaders arouse out of ego. Super ego is the best part of the human soul which makes him a saint. It makes him realize the difference between the permanent and the temporal things. This is the base of religions that try to transform the animal instinct of id in every human being to the highest state of super ego.

Almost every religion has a story that elucidates the war between good and evil. Every war between the good and evil at last ends with a triumphant victory for the good. Every establish government on earth has its own laws to punish evil doers. However, still crime and criminals do exist in abundance. It is impossible to create a utopian world with great human values and moral values because both evil and good resides in the heart of human kind. It is the responsibility of every human being to suppress the evil and grow the good within them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

India In Pictures-1






Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finding Cube Root

Found a very interesting method to find cube roots may be this will be useful.
Memorize This:

With them you can find any two-digit cube root. For example, what's the cube root of 12,167?

1. Express the number in six digits (012167). Take the first three digits (012) and compare them to the blue cubes above. Find the largest cube that's less than your three-digit string, and write down its root. Here, 012 is between 8 and 27, so we write down 2.

2. Match the last digit of the number (7) to the last digit of a blue cube above (here, 27). Write down the root of that number (3).

That's it. Put the two digits together (23) and that's your root: 233 = 12,167.

This works for any perfect cube between 1,000 and 1 million.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Number System

Well our curriculum is really great. One is taught in the first lesson of mathematics about numbers and the number line. But only one thing is not made clear that that all that matters is your number line.Sometimes I really feel that the definition of life must be changed in fact it must be renamed as Number System . All through out our lives we will be running after numbers ( Academics, Salary , Population, GDP , Sensex,Status).

It's very appropriate to redefine and change the term to " Number System".

Thursday, December 4, 2008


A friend of mine doing MS in US had this status message which really moved me

Mum "I have sorted out the difference between India and here. We have black people and white cats ; here it's white people and black cats !"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008