Friday, November 23, 2007


Well i always wanted to write about this especially after Chandi's viva. I am Abhinav , the first roll no. right from my school days to here .The first name to be called at the start of the day , first name to be called anywhere in a group. But it has been a difficult path being the no. one.
The most sardonic part is that in any exam you have to sit on the first bench . Especially if it is a BT101 exam and you are made to sit in the first row ...(thank's to RANVAH he saved me somehow). Ya but it is great if you are prepared for an exam and want to put r.g.
If someone ask's me "tell a name you hate the most ??" . The answer is "Abhishek " . There will always be a Abhishek to follow Abhinav .Never ever i got a chance to have a female in any lab , any assignment all because of f...... Abhishek.
Then comes the part of result declaration . Oh no excitement , i know my name will be the first one called . If a football team name is being called out
and the first name starts with a B , i know i am not there.Any result being put up i dont have to go through the whole result only first five names will suffice.
The most painful part .....Any viva , any presentations , any assignment "roll no one please come in .". However in my school days i made a lot of use of it .Once i come out of a viva i become the most important person .I still remeber the attention given by the girls,me putting fundaes to babes( ob in (dps ). But things have changed since i entered here .
If a class is being scolded that's it!!!! I will be the first one to be picked up and half the teacher's energy will be spent on me.
Last but not the least if roll no's are given acoording to the surname , i think again i will be the first one.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I still remember one lesson taught by my grammar teacher " whenever you are writing stuffs like mentioning 3 friends it should be ram shyam and me and not me, ram and shyam ."I feel that people have forgotten this very basic lesson for now wherever we find we see a predominant "me ".Even by nature i think its "me" for if i point a finger to someone the other four finger's still favor me.
Talk to a person and then hear his "me" 's." What are you doing this for".The answer is "me ".
We dislike politicians but still we all become so because even in our quest there is that "me " element .
Even in our context it's very true
1. Became a gen sec but there was an inherent desire that if i become one i will be short listed
in a particular company.
2 "Dude i am doing this because this will be a point in my resume"
3. "This proff gives only 2 s grades so ....."
The failure of the nuclear deal was also an outcome of "me"
In this fight of "me " we are getting away from "we ".let's build this gap of "me " and "we".
All thru' the day I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.
All thru' the night I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.

Friday, November 9, 2007

One night at taramani

I feel that after coming to IIT one thing i have mastered is procrastination. However that saturday was no different . Though it was very late we decided that we are any how going to participate in this "short film making " competition, and why not the whole brigade was awesome ... moli and mamme ... best cameraman and editors in the insti. Doodh can copy anyone given a chance , and NETA had reasons of his own . I had not acted since a long time but the story which we had decided upon was one of my favorite ...." o henry 's after 20 year's "
Thank's to mamme and moli the script was finally prepared by 1:00 a.m . So we had around 5 hours time to complete the film in time . We had decided to shoot on a place away from insti and on a rainy night taramani bus stand had all the glamour . The yellow light , deserted bus stop was all that we wanted .
Then what followed was an experience of a lifetime . All the camera angle's possibility exploited , max utilization of space , repeating the same dialouges again and again , forgetting that you are facing a camera . Just shooting for two minutes of the movie took over 3 hour's .The best part was the get up of doodh and mine , really according to character.
After the whole exercise i have started appreciating every movie i see , as it's a very rigorous process to make a movie .