Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After Twenty Years

Here is a video some of my wing mates and me made for a short film competition. The video was made in a night and edited within 4 hours . Overall it came up well and it was appreciated by the judges.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Book Reveiw : Keep Off The Grass

Book : Keep Off The Grass
Author: Karan Bajaj

I picked up the book because it had a fascinating title. Keeping up to name, the book speaks about Vippasna , Marijuana , and the "F'' word umpteen times . How a Yale graduate working in an Investment Banking firm gives up his job and comes to study in India at the prestigious Business School IIM Banglore. The purpose was to rediscover himself and be a part of something which he was made for . But contrary to his dreams he meets two guys , An IITian (The Most Bastrad species on earth) and a Kargil warrior. The group can rightly be named as the D-Group .Marijuana was the path they took to fight the peer pressure and the uncountable quizzes . Between these, the book raises some basic questions which haunt us everyday . Though the answers are varied but ultimately the conclusion is doing what one pleases. After that it depends from person to person when one realizes what he wanted to do . Finally the Yale graduate gets answers to his questions and he realizes at last what he had come for and that he needed dope no more.

One of the interesting lines from the book,"I smoke it in protest man , Marijuana exists naturally as a plant . Who is the government to ban God's creation? It's like me wanting to make potatoes illegal because I don't like their taste."

Another good thing of the book is that the cover is very well designed.

Life In a cubicle

One of the staff in the Ganga Hostel mess comes from Bihar , this I learned once in a conversation with him. Today while going for jogging I saw him sitting at the outside gate of the mess all alone. I remember meeting him at the Ganga entrance in December ,very happy , "Bhaiya main ghar ja raha hun, ek mahine mein ayunga" . I realised then that it was such a tough life for these people and many hundreds who come out of villages to earn in cities. The happiness was not that we have after the end of a semester but much more than that , he had earned some money for his family sacrificing all his pleasures. I don't know what he was sitting and thinking there but one thing is for sure he came out for some fresh air , some space . Life in villages is different , every thing is open there , clean , fresh and lots and lots of space. Even when someone comes from village to my place I have noticed them opening all the windows and doors because they feel suffocated. But once you leave the place the life becomes a cubicle for everyone in the cities. Sometimes I feel that this is the reason why our lives has become so constricted.

I realised yesterday that our insti was so open , so big and i never felt that suffocation here , but life in coming months will be so difficult and the craving for space will always be there.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Book Review : Love story

Name : Love Story
Author: Erich Segal

An entertaining book and a fast read unlike the other two books ( Acts of Faith and Doctors ) by the author. All you need is some three hours to read the book . It is like any other love story full experiences which are a feast to read. Funny , touching and infused with wonder . The story shows the innocence of two lovers. Best quote being ,"in love you don't need to say sorry."

Note : Every lover has a love story and I am still waiting for mine :(

Friday, February 6, 2009


A gentle rain , cool breeze , sunrise,birds chirping, kids playing , a fairy tale , laughter, football match , bike ride , a crowded bus , dreams, cold water , teasing friends , killing time , colorful book, music by the tea stall , borrowing , mothers scolding ...............................................................................

"Life is all about loving simple things."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Oscars

I happened to see all the 5 movies nominated for BEST PICTURE . Though all of these except Slumdog were long and slow but really good. I here put down the chances of which can get The Oscar for this category and a rating from all of you is most welcome.