Monday, January 21, 2008

Rent a cycle

A new b plan to make some money and also name for some ....
Already earned 7:50 in last 4 days
chola: 5
mamme : .50
all you have to do is pay me 50 paise per hour . for instance in a one o clock class you have to put 1 buck for the bus and then walk back , now you get a better service for only 50 paise .

Important :cycle available on tuesdays afti and for the whole day on fridays and any one is welcome after 7 in evening .


karan said...

saale chindi chor

aniket said...

sale bhaade wale! bhadwe!!

Moli said...

tujhe cycle ki jyada jaroorat hai dost... sale langde

apurvgourav said...

kyon bhai cycling chor rehe hai kya?
aur rate bahut kam hai?
pls. thora rate badha do?

Hayagreev Ramesh said...

cycle constitutes the soul of our can you charge my soul for personal gain?? shame on you!! may you incur the wrath of the mama!!(you know which one :) )