Friday, September 12, 2008

Eating Out

" The no of times you dine out is directly proportional to the Semester you are in ."

Eating habits have changed so much in the last 4 years for me. There was a time when I never missed mess food. Gradually I started packing Friday dinner and now the no of times I eat outside is more than the times I eat in mess.

It was Onam today and I had a strange idea of eating in a mallu restaurant . I asked my conti's and reached a place called "Kumarakom".This is situated very close to vijanagar bus stand velachery and very close to IIT .However the place was too full with lot's of people waiting . As I was very hungry so I decided to find other destinations . I was amazed to find out so many hangouts in the road connecting taramani to vijaynagar bus stand . I had an idea of the place called Khana Makaan and decided to grub there.The food was as usual great . On my way back I was amazed to find a chain of food outlets like The Dhaba , Dominos , Kebabs hi kebabs ,and many more on a single road .

So if you are planning to eat out and a place not very far from college just pick up your cycles and come on this road , you are bound to find a good place to eat . Meanwhile you can always in invite me .

Next destination on my list is Punnu da Dhaba Thoraipakkam, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai.


Moli said...

make a directory dost .. litlle by little .. and hand it over to me ..
It will help a lot ..
some sems more .. so more dinning outside

Abhinav said...

@ moli :)

karan said...

count me in 4 punnu da dhaaba

sansmerci said...

chennaite n foodie? join us at u seem to b a nice writer :) u can review hangouts in chennai.. n yes make a list of ur next hitlist readin reviews there..

happy blogging n welcome to my blog too :)

Leela said...

Try Snow Park on the same road and opposite to the TCS building. That's one of my favourite eat-outs.

Abhinav said...

@ leela if its veg i will certainly try out

Leela said...

It serves both, veg and non-veg. But try the Pepper Bhindy Fry there if you do go.