Saturday, December 6, 2008

Number System

Well our curriculum is really great. One is taught in the first lesson of mathematics about numbers and the number line. But only one thing is not made clear that that all that matters is your number line.Sometimes I really feel that the definition of life must be changed in fact it must be renamed as Number System . All through out our lives we will be running after numbers ( Academics, Salary , Population, GDP , Sensex,Status).

It's very appropriate to redefine and change the term to " Number System".


Moli said...

very true

edita krishnan said...


Thats a valid thought. But sometimes emotions take over.Thats when the whole number system is kinda thrown off balance. But ppl say even emotions ought to be controlled. So the number game comes back. But in the ultimate analysis, the only numbers are 0 & 1.

Abhinav said...

@ Edita : Ya very true all that matters is 0 or 1 either you are in or out.