Friday, February 13, 2009

Life In a cubicle

One of the staff in the Ganga Hostel mess comes from Bihar , this I learned once in a conversation with him. Today while going for jogging I saw him sitting at the outside gate of the mess all alone. I remember meeting him at the Ganga entrance in December ,very happy , "Bhaiya main ghar ja raha hun, ek mahine mein ayunga" . I realised then that it was such a tough life for these people and many hundreds who come out of villages to earn in cities. The happiness was not that we have after the end of a semester but much more than that , he had earned some money for his family sacrificing all his pleasures. I don't know what he was sitting and thinking there but one thing is for sure he came out for some fresh air , some space . Life in villages is different , every thing is open there , clean , fresh and lots and lots of space. Even when someone comes from village to my place I have noticed them opening all the windows and doors because they feel suffocated. But once you leave the place the life becomes a cubicle for everyone in the cities. Sometimes I feel that this is the reason why our lives has become so constricted.

I realised yesterday that our insti was so open , so big and i never felt that suffocation here , but life in coming months will be so difficult and the craving for space will always be there.

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karan said...

aur main jab insti main ghumne ko nikalta hn to tum meri udaate ho... told u all that after friends, u all ll miss this insti the most