Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Last time

  • Spread your arms wide and feel the fresh air.
  • Run after the next deer you see.
  • Dance with friends as much you can.
  • Laugh at someone and get also get teased .
  • Scare the monkeys to hell.
  • Lock someone in his room.
  • Shout at your full voice.
  • Walk to main gate in night.
  • A puff at tarams and a puff at Gurunath.
  • Give bumps or get bumps whatever.
  • Screw a paper.
  • Have ..... on GRT.
  • One goal in the quadrangle , a run in the stadium , a swim in the pool.
  • Put fundaes to someone forcibly.
  • Make freshies dance.
Every April at this moment I died to go home and today I don't want to go but will have to go. The life here was great , done so many things and will cherish the memories for ever. But changes take place , but this place has connected us.

I always told my friends and thought that,"I don't deserve to be in this place." but somehow today it feels that maybe the place deserved me.


Moli said...

will miss you a lot

bhale said...

lets go to main gate tonight! we will have a puff there too

Gaurav aka "Dhamki" said...

Don't let our tears to fall before you bid adieu to us...You were among one whom i admire for some reason... I miss u dude..... :(..
Dude Stop smoking if u can do after passing out.. This is what I wish from every one.....

karan said...

yes, lets have a walk to main gate and a puff :P :)

Abhinav said...

@ moli : Same here , just wait and see i will be in hostel all the time.
@bhale : Done
@Dhamki : How much we may tease you but you were always and you are always correct in these matters. I will certainly give it a thought .

Anuj Choudhary said...

@Bachha- Though i don't say, but i still find it hard to imagine a life with none of u around.. the feeling of stepping out of the room and finding u all outside.. what won't i give for that feeling to stay forever..

Abhinav said...

@ hula : we have dealt with the feeling somewhat in placement time when no one was a round , each and every one's presence will be missed man.

aniket said...

Make a bigger list!

Abhinav said...

Considering so few days its fine

edita krishnan said...

hey.. thats an awesome post :) so honest.. loved it :)

Abhinav said...

@ edita : Thanks