Friday, May 15, 2009

Just For Fun

"Dude you will not get a nice pasta here."
"Sir Kahaan se aya aaplog?"
"It will be much better than Chennai here."
Seeing the confidence we ordered and it was really awesome.The dinner I had yesterady night was damn good .
Walking out of the lab in payjamas and bathroom slippers to board a bus to pondi was some fun.


Anuj Choudhary said...

It was the perfect ending for our Instinctive trip :D

Moli said...


aniket said...

Missed it!

Dilip Muralidaran said...

obviously you've never been to don pepe, new yorkers, mocha, Residency Towers or any nice food place in chennai. i recommend making friends with some south indian friends in chennai who know chennai well, in & out. this would help you get to know better places to eat. or you could use something called "twitter" :)

Anuj Choudhary said...

@Dilip - We had been to all of those places that u mentioned in chennai more number of times then we can actually count and as far as info for places go we know chennai well inside out in the four years of college


we don't need twitter when a status message suffices the job and we do use it for the purposes that it is supposed to be used for ;)

still the fact remains that the pondy restaurant served one awesome meal.

Dilip Muralidaran said...

@Anuj: So you have tasted the pasta at residency towers? Its Rs. 175 (& its a 3* hotel if u know) and still dont like it? Wow! You must hate chennai really much :)

Anuj Choudhary said...

@Dilip - I don't hate chennai yaar and yes I have had RT pasta quite a few times and it was sadly average, because adding a big prize tag and number of stars to the food doesn't make it more tastier..

the pasta at little italy was better than that ;)

but the fact still remains that pondy restaurant served awesome food ;)