Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The beach

Brother and sister standing together on the shore, hands in hands. The unsaid love between siblings is less spoken of but you can feel it none the less.

Two girls trying not to get wet and still feel the sea, a sudden high wave , shouts of joy and the fear of getting wet goes away.

There are other bunch of youngsters who are a bit rowdy and are chasing each other in water. Another feeling of freedom when you think of nothing else.

A small kid pleading his grandfather to take him near the sea and eventually the grandfather turns young.

Amidst all this a "Hawa Mithayi " wala has already made 10 rounds since I sat and probably the only one who is sweating.

And sitting there all alone I am missing my friends and family.

P.S. "Have to prepare a ppt and as usual I feel like blogging amidst work."

1 comment:

Moli said...

the only one who was sweating .... ha ha... nice one..
and the feeling is great