Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Night at the Petrol Pump

"Life is an uncharted territory.It reveals it's story one moment at a time."

At 12 in the night when we (moli, mamme, doodh and me) set out for a ride to Mahabs, our plan was to return by an hour and a half. We had set of all of a sudden in shorts and slippers, only one driving license and 100 bucks.

The journey up to the petrol pump near Mahabs was awesome, cool breeze, clear roads and great friends.But when we reached this sole petrol pump between Chennai and Mahabs , we realized that the trip was going to be eventful. There was no petrol in the station and the nearest one was quite far.

So we decided let's see mahabs, I also affirmed that it had been quite sometime we had bathed in the sea and so let's do it. Sleeping one night in the open looked inviting and Moli was all excited to share his ball stories. Thanks to Doodh for arranging our newspaper beds and cardboard pillows.Time rolled by discussing stories, revision of PJ's,pulling each others leg , trying to sleep and Moli's update on facebook Soon the day's tiredness took over and when we woke up it was time to go.

If we had not done this we would have never seen the beautiful sunrise, the cool sea water wash and the rain while returning back to Chennai.

P.S.: Whenever Moli and me have gone for a bike ride, it has always rained.


Anuj Choudhary said...

Trip of a lifetime :) I would have loved to be there... anyways keep going wild :)

Moli said...

it was so much fun ... just that u don't let me cuddle you any more is a pain

amrit said...

And I thought I was the only one having adventure! :P

Abhinav said...

@amrit :)
@moli : Sale
@hula :We miss you not only for the trip but for every small petty doubts which you had an answer to :)

Bharat said...


Abhinav said...

Don't worry bhond plan a trip to Chennai some weekend.

aniket said...

@Amrit: Don't dare comparing the two! What we did (rather, what happened with us) has no match with what you set off to. :)