Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nagala,January 14,2010

What does it take to push your body to the limits? What is one's limit? Is there one? Is it a factor of the mind's tenacity?
A trek is probably a sneak-peak into the myriad of answers these questions pose.

This was my third trek with CTC and probably quite easy as compared to Parvathmalai.But friends, if you just consider the fun quotient , nothing can be better than this.65 Trekkers from Chennai completed this trek on the auspicious day of Pongal.

On the trek made some friends and probably will always remember PD and Zoobie-Doobie.

Nagala is around 90 Km from Chennai. The road was good and the scenery  was  beautiful. I had not expected that we will have fog but nonetheless it added beauty to the landscapes. Probably saw Sunrise after a long time . The transition from Dawn to daylight had a beauty of its own.When we neared Nagala the hills were covered with clouds and all that one wanted to do was start, climb and conquer.

We had breakfast at the bottom and then started the climb.  Initially there was a distinct trail but as one reached the Pool 1 , the trail disappeared and we had to follow the path of the leaders who had been to this trek before.But after pool 1 the ploy was quite clear. To avoid getting lost one must try following the stream .Though there will be dead ends but exploring new ways , climbing difficult rocks is the main fun so why nit get lost. Though there were many loose rocks and tough climbs but these small challenges made it all the more interesting.We conquered all the 5 pools one by one with the difficulty increasing with each pool. Diving , swimming and sliding in the water was awesome. I must say this place is a swimmers paradise with so many pools with fresh water.

There are a few cuts and bruises, and the mud of Nagala still in my shoes and i don't want to clean it for some time because good times are few and this was one of those.

Thanks again to CTC for organizing  such a fun trip.


ravi said...

hey buddy..
nice post :)

Abhinav said...

@Ravi: Thanks man , it was great to be with you all.

BHARAT said...

Short and succinct .. enjoyed reading

doodh said...

Unforgettable PD, Zoobie Doobie and CS :)

Prabhu said...

Nice ....I followed the trail once again with your Blog...!!!

AshWin said...

As Bharat Said Short & Crisp.... soon would be joining you guys !!