Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Life to Ride- Ajit Harisinghani- Book Review

I have heard so many many people speaking about  the dangers of biking in  Ladhak but when Ajit can do it at the age of 54, I surely can do it. This book has not only given the confidence but also has enlightened me more about the climatic conditions , dos' and dont's and the fact that if you have courage you can surely do it.

"But now I am actually riding my dream , the road speaks to me one-to-one.I didn't know roads could talk. This one does,exuding warmth and welcome."

Best  way to read this book is to just feel that you are there on the bike, riding all alone. His feelings , the description of the landscapes and the food (Most of the times it was rice and dal), the dhabas where he had his food, the tea and sutta stops, the places he stopped to stay at night makes you feel that you are there traveling with him.. The talks with the jawans , the sufi baba , other motor cyclists was thrilling.Somehow this book has increased that desperation to get started. 

Good that I read this book before my trip to the same place in June. I read a lot about the various places mentioned in the book:Hemis Festival , Nubra valley ,Rohtang Pass, Khardung la .

"And I realize mine has got hit in an unexpected ambush.For the 21 days that I've been riding , I've kept myself entertained in a self sufficient kind of way. I have had numerous conversations with myself,sung aloud many songs inside the dark buble of my helmet,crooned out to lovers past and lost and lately ,I've been roaming with the Gods. But now i am empty of all internal dialogue."

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havn't read.. but will sure do the description...riding on a bike huh?? grt