Thursday, December 9, 2010

A spiritual reunion

The book had been resting on the shelf for sometime.The book is in its sixth year and few chapters have been added since its inception. It is more of a fun read and the characters are a set of great people.

On a cold and foggy December night many had flown in from different parts of India to catch a train to Jammu. By 9:30 p.m almost everyone was there and it was a moment of hugs , laughs ,short discussions and emotions . But most important point was that everything was in continuation to the previous chapter. There was not a single moment of disparity owing to different lives which everyone was leading. A very strong indication of  bondage and oneness.
Thus  began a fun filled trip to Vaishno devi. Some memorable quotes and happenings:

1) 11 p.m. cold water bath before darshan.
2) Exploring of all the food joints by Doodh.
3) Institute football captain found the climbing too hard.
4) Antenna in spite of being told umpteen times brings his leather purse to the temple and rightly was sent back.
5)Galib , the King of PJ's - Dasna.
6)A changed Bhondu who lead the group and did not eat anything before darshan.
7)Someone to Dhamki , " Tera plan B kya hai ?" Dhamki bulbing and replying back,"Mera koi B-plan nahi hai."
8) 4 a.m.bhale happily sitting and sleeping on being woken up,"Yaar main abhi sapna dekh raha tha ki hum neeche phunch gaye hain aur soye huein hain."

Time was less and spent some time with everyone.I know that all the future reunions will be short lived but somehow meeting everyone rejuvenates the mind and raises the spirit.

On Train Journeys: Cold nights in sleeping bags, Rampyari tea , the astrolger, the woman who learnt English in her dreams, hum.. , woman married at 9 now has a grandchild at 37,family with 4 kids and 4650 monthly income , card games ,slipper story, oranges , fog and train delays ..... each of these is a different story on different trains over the last week. I have always loved traveling mostly not in comfort because life's lessons come at a cost.

Another happy chapter added to the book and if there be God's will soon the book will be reopened.

Jai Mata Di.


Bharat said...

Very well written, Interesting parallel between book and life.

And, lets hope for another chapter soon

bhale said...

The divine stylus will keep writing for us!

Next stop Vadodara

Sugar said...

ah! the trin travel... sends me reminiscing of times not so long ago..
lifes lessons do come at a cost...
loved the post :)

m.flowerr said...

Good knowing!

Amar 'Galib' Jawa said...

Mast likha hai :) Feel good types :)