Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's your ?

Bought a new pair of Football studs and again found it hard to throw away the old one. The dilemma to throw it or not ended in the morning when I finally picked it from the dust bin .

So what do you find the most difficult to throw away , I think I found out mine.


Hema said...

Well, I could give you a dozen.. i think girls are like that.. but i can definitely say my timex watch.. i had worn it enough, and bought a new Tata watch with my salary(when i was earning), but i cudnt throw my timex away.. my hub bought me a new watch before wedding.. still cudnt throw it.. now almost after a decade, i still have it..all battered and dusty..

Jyoti said...

I have preserved my old greeting cards for ages.. given to me by my friends.. I know it would sound crazy but I have mantained a folder to keep them..forget abt throwing them away!