Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Hate

Hi People , sort of stuck up in academic work so not finding enough time to blog .Lots of books are resting on my bookshelf and had to take a break from them too.Will be back with more book reviews in June.Meanwhile a short post on what I hate most and would like to know if you share any of these with me just to remind that the blogger is still here.

1) Tell someone that you love running and generally run 5-7 km a day and get a reply ,"He he he , I can't even run a few meters." Strong hate for such people.

2)I sometimes feel that people see their bike or car horn as a toy and keep on blaring.Come on! be responsible people.

3)People talking while a football game is in progress.

4) Someone breaking a queue, my blood boils, be ready for a duel.

5)Met a young lady in the half marathon in Kolkata. She had been living in Kolkata for years and to a complete stranger she says,"Oh! Kolkata is a village." Don't know when people will appreciate things as they are.

6)People with paunches, don't know why it throws that lazy impression.Saw a guy with a big paunch wearing a T-Shirt which had a quote,"Be the change you want to see in the world."

7)People who cry every time they get drunk.

8) People who laugh when I say,"I don't have a Girl Friend or I deleted my Facebook account." It is my choice dude/dudess mind your own business.

9)Really hate when someone does not come on the scheduled time.

10)Hate woman who wear a lot of make up.

Specific hates : Shopping Malls, Twilight Series , Manchester United ,Mumbai Indians, Mobile Phones, Geography , Pumpkins , Shahrukh Khan , Katrina Kaif ,Karan Johar , HRs , Emmanuel Adebayor, Javed Miadad , Reality Shows , E-Books, Sharad Pawar , Karunanidhi , Sania Mirza , Akshay Kumar , Anu Malik,Golf , Christiano Ronaldo, Paul Collingwood, CCD, Arjun Singh,Pink,Dhosas,Whiskey, Sweets, Pakistan, Eboue,Presentations.


Moli said...

'Specific hates' list was fun .. lot of people on the list!! .. ha ha
I love Akshay Kumar .. share most of them with you
hate is the new word to live :)

Aniket said...


I agree on the queue thing at least. And the paunch-ed guy's tee incident was really hilarious :P

I see ManU and Pink among specific hates?

Abhinav said...

@ Aniket :and I thought you endorsed Pink :)

Divenita said...

all the best with studies.. i hate hatred :P

Komal said...

Some very obivious choices!!But finding CCD in that list is strange!!

Jyoti said...

2, 4, 5, 9: I absolutely agree with you..

But with specific hates: I love CCD Coffees...
and MI tooo.. With Sachin in it I really cant hate it!
Pink, Dosas, Sweets: I really cant hate them.. and I have read 1st of the Twilight series and I loved it Ooops!:)

Sugar said...

that was good... too few hates :) uncomplicated life i guess ;)

carolsnotebook said...

Great list.

I hate people who talk to me when I'm quite obviously reading and they don't actually have anything worthwhile to say.

Anumita said...

love your hate list :)

Abhinav said...

@Anumita : :) :)

Priya said...

2,4 and 9 - completely agree with you! But why would you 'specifically' hate e-books!?

Abhinav said...

@Priya I love the idea of hard bound books and a substitute hurts.