Sunday, July 17, 2011

Metallica we bow to thee

‘Fuck it all and fucking no regrets!’
– James Hetfield, ‘Damage, Inc.’, 1986

Metallica is coming to rock India and surely Nothing Else Matters.

Why do you love music? I love it because i can relate to the songs and it gives meaning to a state of mind I am in.I have loved it more for the beauty of the lyrics , the philosophy and the stories behind the songs.

Actually music is magical.It evokes in us some dormant emotions and turns life into lifeless things.It has made us happy in the dullest of our moments and has given a purpose of life to many.Do you remember a song you heard at a tea shop and how that song stayed in your lips for the evening.Music has something for all, fodder for the romantics,medicine for the broken soul and hope for many.

One of the greatest examples of hope is a song called,"Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash.Its about a prisoner who can only listen to the rattlings of a passing train.It invokes in him a desire to be a good man,a free man.This is how we associate to music , why few lines become so meaningful in our lives.Music is about November Rains, of High hopes ,of Winds of change ,of Strangers in the night,of Tambourine man and also of the Purple Haze.In fact music is blowing in the wind.

Again i digressed from the main topic Metallica.Well the tickets are available at and I got mine today.For me metallica songs have been the energy boosters.Rarely do we listen to a song over and over again, metallica has been one such band.I am listing down 10 songs which i would want them to play, do put down your choices.

1)Wherever I may roam.

2)Nothing Else Matters

3)Turn the Page

4)Ain't my Bitch

5)Whiskey in the Jar

6)The Day that never comes.

7)Low man's lyrics

8)Tuesday's Gone


10)Fade to Black


Anonymous said...

:) !! I dont listen much to music.. my feelings or emotions are captured and portrayed through different means but nice post!

Abhinav said...

Oldfox004 has left a new comment on your post "Metallica we bow to thee":

not much into Metallica, but this post is written beautifully...i guess music as a subject makes any content beautiful:)

Priya said...

Well, I can say I love music too, but I have never really liked music for the lyrics! You strayed from just writing about the title: Metallica but..Nice post :)

Chola said...

True.. I can't imagine life without music. Enjoy, the magical heavy metal !!

Dev said...

Enter Sandman
The Day That Never Comes......Are also among one of their masterpieces for sure....infact I guess all their songs are not less than a masterpiece :P