Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ruddy orange glow across the lunar surface and Vadodara reunion

"People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and ends,but to me it's quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations with each passing moment.A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors.In my line of work I make it a point to notice them."   - Markus Zusak(The Book Thief.)

Don't know whether it is the nostalgia of a group picture or the beauty of the moment which lures me the most.At that moment with my shoulders around the neck of my friends, I felt that this is something I would like to do again and again.I have lately seen many sunsets and sunrises,interestingly today it seems more like a carnival than the usual calmness that it bestows.As a child I was taught that the sky was blue but later I learnt that you could see other colors if you were observant. Following the Sun until the last red disappeared and later a reddish tinge spread over the water of the dam I thought that sometimes life is as it should be.

A 40 hour train ride covering 8 states is not about the distance but is about an experience of knowing a few of the 1.21 Billion.Sitting on an Economic Times Newspaper along with many others I knew it was a different story for everyone.For some it was tickets not being confirmed while for most it was fate.I had read somewhere that the best way to pass a night is by telling stories and  by the end of the cold winter night I had some interesting stories to narrate.For me it was a weekend getaway but for most it was a ticket for more money.Sitting there I felt the discomfort of disparity rather than that of my situation.Sometimes life makes us find warmth in the most unusual of places,I would like to remember this as a night of warm memories.

People do so many different things in their pursuit of happiness ,for me it has always been a simple walk to a football ground or a mountain peak in a summer evening.Life for most of us has become mere shrinking square feets bounded by impenetrable walls.Experiencing a lunar eclipse with friends was not just 3 beautiful hours but was in fact a whole phase of the moon fast forwarded.Nature surprises us in mysterious ways and makes us conscious of the beauty of a moment.When the lights in the resort went out all of us were looking at the sky and suddenly we were aware of the beauty,enchanted,spell bound we all wanted the moment to last to eternity.

Hangover of a long journey and 4 hours of sleep could not subdue the spirit of running.We ran and we ran hard for those 7 kms relieving us of the solitary runs we have been used to in our new roles.In college it is easy to categorize your football,running,smoking, breakfast and  assignment friends but there are a few who rise above these labels.It is for these friends that one rises beyond all trepidation,anxiety and pain to relive a part of a life when we were happy.

In our lives, each day we strive hard for happiness,often forgetting the fact that happiness is a choice which does not comes from exotic food and costly cars but by putting a cap to our wants.We seek emotional solace from the society forgetting  that no one cares and selfishness thrives.On the bike ride with Doodh we shared the experiences of Anandwan  and Vrindavan  two names of which the essence was the same.He has been a partner on many of my treks and this time the connection was re installed on two wheels.Life is like strands of thread mixed with each other, it is by our choices that we separate the strands easily or keep mixing them further.


Abhinav said...

While returning back home I had to share a berth with a stranger who was not very fond of engineers.I was damn tired to do anything but still I borrowed a pen and on the back side of my ticket i penned down my thoughts.

Sugar said...

it is a marvelous post. Very peaceful and serene.
You were right. I loved it, and some parts brought tears to my eyes.
"Life is the way it should be" Super!! God Bless you. And may you remain happy forever :)

Abhinav said...

@Sugar : Thanks for the appreciation.

Gaurav aka "Dhamki" said...

Bachcha you don't need appreciatations because it is a very small word for what u write. Ur writings rejunevate us , instill enthusiasm to do something. Again this was from ur heart and I felt like a having telephathy with u.

Abhinav said...

@Dhamki : isliye to tujhe bhejta hun yaar tu dil se padhta hai