Tuesday, June 24, 2008

India Gate

If you have to see India i recommend visit India Gate. You can find so many people here of different castes , tribes , language and class. In fact the structure is rightly called India gate because this is India a country of 200 hundred languages and billions of people but all are a single unit . It is places like these where you see the true picture of India .Even in this small place you can hear so many languages , variety of culture and the rich and poor all together

I dont know why I am so attracted to this place , may be because everything about this place is inviting .Even all the hustle - bustle can not malign the sacredness of the place . The Amar Jawan Jyoti is a small homage to the soldiers who gave their life in the first world war .These lines are written on the top of the huge gate " To the dead of the Indian armies who fell honoured in France and Flanders Mesopotamia and Persia East Africa Gallipoli and elsewhere in the near and the far-east and in sacred memory also of those whose names are recorded and who fell in India or the north-west frontier and during the Third Afghan War." .The place symbolizes the burning pride which the billions of Indians have for their country .
The beauty of the place is mesmerizing . Surrounded by lush green fields and a small lake the structure stands tall on the busy streets of Delhi . The gubbarwalas makethe place very colorful. The toy parachute vendors make the whole sky blue at times and small kids run madly to get hold of these parachutes. Ah and what to say of the food , Ice creams ,pani pooris , bhel poori ,chat ,chanachoor and on and on . But if you get chance must try the Kala Khatta flavour of the ice candy (thanks to mamme ).Even you can get a painting of yourself very cheap provided you have some time . One of the most fascinating things you can find is the very old cinema clips of 5 to 10 minutes projected with the old technology of the 60's.
Overall the place is great .

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Moli said...

Missed the Kala Khatta ice cream flavor.. probably next time