Friday, June 27, 2008

Its life

Well spare me guys of all the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes because i am a bit sober and so is my beloved friend mamme.

Actually this is life or may be for me this is life .There have been people whom i have met all through my life and somehow they have had a lasting experience on my life .

So first of all there was a girl named Neha ( Polu ), I spent my childhood with her and also remember saying her those 3 magical words but that was childhood. Then in my school life another girl Afrina . I confess i loved her maybe because she was so close to me , may be we laughed together,cried together and may be i owe all my biology drawings to her . Then was the class of DPS where 25 out of 54 qualified in iit including a 88 th rank from class. May be my being an iitian is all because of the confidence being in that class . And then I met Fikar Not in IIT . This will be something i will carry all through my life , friends i can't forget you .


bhale said...

Lots of May be's........ but one thing is sure.... Fikarnot is for Life!

Anuj Choudhary said...

Fikar not is the best thing so far happened in our life... go bachhi; good to see you spill a part of your "magical life" here..

Moli said...

We won't let you forget us. Love you too

doodh said...

You speak your heart the best.
No fikar for I have FikarNot for life

karan said...

Tumhare liye to jaan hazir hai... bas ek suggestion hai "Saale pina thoda kam kar"