Sunday, August 31, 2008


Confusion about the exam timings and center . Came to know at the last moment about the exam venue and schedule. Then the fight to reach on time in scorching heat. The cycle chain gave up twice and still i somehow i managed to reach the main gate. Then the fight for bus . Somehow manged to get a shared auto . And so i reached the center ,had to wash my greased hands . Found a toilet but was not sure whether it was a boys or girls , went it washed my hand as fast as possible and came out because it was a girls toilet.

And after so much fight was sitting on the bench waiting for the exam paper to be distributed . Gosh... Wtf ...Shit ... am I in a dream , no way there she came in . We were meeting after 5 years .

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karan said...

Just remember that this is not a coincidence... this time don't let her go