Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Treat and 50 th post

Eating in Chennai has always been an adventure for the fact that there are a very few North Indian Outlets . Just was the case when I found a new place called Khana Makaan.The flavor is much like the food we get in dhabas of Delhi. It had the usual heavy spiced and fried punjabi fare. But the ambience was not the traditional khatiyas you would find in the Dhabas but non the less the purpose was same , resting and chilling out . Though the Ganga Roof top was famous for other stuffs but we made the best use of it for having a dinner with the wing . The food was delivered to the hostel room . We made the best use of Economic Times newspaper and the contraption for lighting the candle was awesome. A special mention of doodh for suggesting the idea of dinner in hostel and thanks to dilli , baba for making the candle light possible.
And so here was it a candle night dinner with the loved ones in open and a pleasant breeze . Well I made a mistake as i ordered more food than required . In fact there was so much food that we had to invite our juniors and still they couldn't finish it .
Dining together has become just a bridge to share our memories . We are so busy in our daily works that we get very less time to introspect but these are the moments when we talk about small things and laugh . This is the feeling of love and among us and all the best moments shared among us .
Sometime it feels that time is running out and the importance of these days in life can not be expressed in words.Happy that this had to be my 50 th post ,may the 100 post be again about "FIKAR NOT."


Leela said...

The post for the treat? Or the treat for a post?!

Abhinav said...

i realised after posting that it was my 50 th post so generally edited the name initially it was named the treat

Nitesh said...

ohh.. awesome idea bacchi :-)
sometimes gangaiites also rock ;)