Saturday, October 11, 2008

On Football & Life

There are some things which bring a smile on your face , for me its football. I remember watching all the green grounds in Goa and telling Mamme "Yaar yeh dream ground hai be ".The small footer fields you would see if you are coming from Calcutta to kharagpur are so inviting . But the best was the football ground at MDI Gurgaon , for one instance I thought I will study here for the field . As far as football goes I was lucky . I have been playing the game non stop including the summer interns.I still remember being defeated by kids in Goa and the games at IIT Delhi where I used to play as right winger.
There are very moments in life when you feel that you gave in everything you had .Ya that's the feeling when you take the game seriously.When the inter wing tournament started there was only one thing , one goal and that was winning.May be that determination helped us pull out matches in which we were lagging behind. To quote "“Football Is an honest game. It's true to life . It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.”
I played my last inter wing tournament today and I am happy that i won it. But happiness, results outcomes are small things .We played the game in the spirit it had to be played. The scenario was great , lights , wing mates and the hostel cheering.It was dream final and I can still feel adrenalin pumping.
What followed was something I will carry for the rest of my life .A send off by the team and wing mates and claps all around . I had a day of my life today .
Next dream is "Schroeter Gold".


Moli said...

Your enthu for football is beyond my capacity to understand.... I openly acknowledge that ...
Schroeter gold it is.

Anonymous said...

Hats off!

bhale said...

Next year's team will miss your presence

Anamika said...

yeah u really had ur dream final

its really lucky to win ur last game.........n that too wid d right spirit.........hats off to both ur enthu n attitude towards this game