Saturday, January 3, 2009

Placement Blues

The placement season was a great experience , especially due to the prevailing financial crisis. An interesting display of the fact was evident in junta's status messages and some of them were really worth noting.So here are some of the status messages :

Naval bubble burst.

The only thing I have gained in last 5 years is weak eyesight- can't even join Indian army.

Wake me up when a short list comes.

God's must also complaining too, lot busier this year with prayers overload.

Is available for sale [50% discount]

Do you think the company will come if we say grub is here.

The Pakistani Government today held a press meet to confirm that the list of most wanted they received from Indian Government was in reality a grocery list.In a weird twist, a student secretary from a reputed institution in Chennai Gargled out, " I take full responsibility for whatever happened."A mite too late, we say.

I can't laugh......I can't cry either............ see I can't do anything....yeh world hai na world yeh mere layak nahi hai...

HR's somehow devoleped antipathy against aero dept.when someone asked why?they simply answered we want someone who can run the company but not to fly it.

7 days not a single meta guy placed!

Right now It's not about a dream job but about dream for a job.

Finally ananya has a job.

Aankh band hi nahi hote , nain sookhte hi nahin.

Less Job= Job Less - Commutative Law

if you you felt that the struggle is over, think again

I dont want a job just get me an interview


bhale said...

Nice Collection!

Moli said...

unemployed people are always creative ... it's the job which sucks away their talent


Pesto Sauce said...

Been here for first time

Being an HR guy myself I can say that times are bad for everyone, but remember that tough times do not last, tough people do

Pesto Sauce said...

HR ppl are also the most abused....but yeah enjoying female company is surely a perk

Neethu said...

lol...dat was funny:D
rumours have it that next yr there might not be placements at all here:( :(
yea right...dream jobs have become jus dream for a job!Sheesh!just our luck!

roshni said...

oh my god!! tough tym for students...
v shud remember that lyf is not a gives us both bitter and sweet experiences..economic reccesion comes under bitter one...v shud learn to value n celebrate our every small achievment...bad tyms wont last long..keep the faith!!!