Friday, March 20, 2009

The King Of Good Times

If you are in your final semster , the craving for the hydroxy group on any arbit day is natural. So I had one of these cravings and was pleased to find others who also thought the same . As usual I had to do the honors of getting the poison that too in a single bag. ( Exploited every inch of the Nett App bag).

So here was it a perfect set up for a rocking night.As the thirst started getting quenched, memories started engulfing the hot night. Though the last four years were short in time but we made it big in a lifetime. The ritual of watching the wing videos one after the other started . There is one which I have named as "Moli Stud Dance" but I felt yesterday that its name should be changed to, "Mamme Stud Dance".Followed by all the good times we had,be it , the placement season, Delhi Nights, Gurgaon roof , Arunachal Trip and what not. A realization that such gem moments were impossible without such great friends around.

Nights like these will be very few and i am happy we made it a night today.


Moli said...

it definitely should be 'Mamme's stud dance' ... his part is hilarious

Anuj Choudhary said...

Let's make the most of the time that is left.. and the only time that's worth is the time spent sharing love..

bhale said...

next weekend again