Friday, March 12, 2010


Just imagine a fisherman in his ordinary boat caught in a storm.His boat keeps on rising and rising in the high tides. The strong wind would at any moment destroy the sails. He shivers not due to the cold but because
of the lightning and then the thunder and before the sound of this thunder dies, another thunder.
Black clouds no ships near by , no sign of land, no light. At this very moment just imagine his thoughts, he would not be thinking of god,his hope rises and falls with the boat. Every time the boat reaches the top of the wave a cycle ends and again it plunges deep and he just thinks whether this thing will rise again. Every moment then is a struggle, a hope that rises and again rises and then he makes it . He comes back alive and stories are told. He laughs with his family and his son becomes a hero among his peers.
Some people live every  moment of life as an adventure. Fishermen,snake charmers, hunters, racers, riders, etc..
I don't know why but this thought always comes to be one of them.

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