Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Ideal son

I am having a lovely time with my mom who is  staying with me for a few days.We have many topics of discussion but somehow all of them converge to one point, the final destination, the one aim in mother's life , marriage. The saying goes,"Marriages are made in heaven." but they are executed by mothers.

So these  are a few problems in my life as per her :

1.)I can't tell whether a T shirt is dirty [The fact that most of the guys use their smelling sense for such critical issues.] and when i tell her this  she just gives up on me.

2)My type of music, my habits of sleeping , the food i eat , my work timings , the places i go for trekking,  can all be summed up to being devilish.

3) I have the dirtiest room in the world . [I hope  my friends who have been to my clean room can understand my pain.]

4) I don't have a goal in life and I am mentally deranged.

5) I am the most careless , selfish antisocial creature on the planet earth.

6)Football is the game of ruffians.

Remarkably she has a solution for all this.An arrangement can be made where someone would intrude in your private space and change the course of your life. 

Good thing : It has given her a time to understand me and i have bought at least 3 more years of freedom left for me.



aniket said...

Ha ha ha!!! Shaadi ki baat karta hoon aunty se!

The 5 problems are awesome!

Abhinav said...

@ anand : Ek baar baat to kar teri to waise hi lag chuki hai

bhale said...

God level header dude

Waise, I think you should tell her about your earlier romantic indulgences. She would then understand your personality better.

Abhinav said...

@bhale :New header , happiness mode

Anuj Choudhary said...

Bacchi bahut khus lag raha hain :) The 5 problems as you already know are not your personal one. Every mom has that with every son :P

PS : BTW I have bought at-least 7 years from my parents :)

Moli said...

ha ha ha .. 'executed by mothers', sahi kaha dost ...
I love your header btw

Abhinav said...

@Moli and Bhale:
Ya the header reminds me of the good days