Friday, July 23, 2010


Chapter one (Arjuna’s despondency)

The epic battle is all set to begin. The starting verses introduces the famous warriors of both the sides.The big names on the Pandavas side were : Bhima, Arjuna,Yuyudhana,Virata, Drupada , Dhrstaketu, Cekitana, King Purujit , Kuntibhoja,Saibya and Yudhamanyu.On the other side the Kaurava had valiant men like :Dronacharya,Bhisma,Karna,Krpa,Asvatthama,Vikarna and Jayadratha.
However the essence of this chapter is the questions raised by a grief stricken Arjuna. He sees that he has to fight against his fathers,grandfathers,teachers,uncles,brothers,sons,grandsons and comrades.He finds no good in this war because ultimately his own family would be ruined. He says that he has no interest in kingdom, pleasures and victory. Such confusion would land in hell the wreckers of the family and the family itself.

Finally he throws away his bows and arrows and sinks into the seat of the chariot

The first chapter in geeta raises many questions which are symbolic to our day to day decisions. The basic questions on righteousness , choosing what is wrong and what is right and the most important is our day to day actions. In the subsequent chapters lots of questions will be answered .

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