Saturday, June 11, 2011

Revisiting Arunachal

Last time when some of my friends and me visited Arunachal something great happened.We discovered FIKARNOT and soon it became a religion for us. This time I am planning to bike in the mystic beauty of Arunachal and then narrate the stories to my readers here.It's a long 14 day trip away from all the clutter.Was reading a book by Swami Vivekananda where he says that knowledge is the ultimate goal in life.In the land of the Buddha I hope to attain some more peace and understand the truth.

I have tried to simplify my life a lot in the past few years.I have got some groans and lost some contacts in the quest.Have also realized that after sometime we must try and give back to the society everything that we have taken from it.Our successes happened because someone guided us and things happened favorably for us but it does not imply that the rickshaw puller cannot achieve the same.I wavered again from the central theme.So it will be a break from emails, news and phone calls. A break from the horrible traffic and insane people.

Last summer i played soccer in Kargil and lazed around Ladakh. A half an hour nap by the Pangong lake was something I would always remember for it had the feel of that solitude which I am thriving for.Carrying my football studs and would catch up with some soccer at Itanagar(courtsey Moli Bhai.).


Chola said...

Traveling, discovering and introspecting .. Awesome ! Btw keep your camera, for some of the unlucky ones like us .

Anonymous said...

:) Agree with Chola!

:):) I envy you