Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When Johnny walked and people danced

It’s almost 2 years since graduation and probably one thing which I still miss the most is  the hostel roof top.I would always love to have a hostel re-union  on GRT(Ganga Roof Top).There are very few places which are associated with all your good and bad moments of life. For most of my friends and me our hostel terrace was one such place. One night you would be lying all alone on the terrace gazing at the stars and other night dancing on the weirdest of Bollywood songs(Saat samandar paar stuff).A place where you had candle night dinners  and  you tasted bidi too. Remember all those exotic brands we devoured, especially all those monitors MGMs and sandpipers. The joy of peeing from such heights is one of the many things that money cannot buy. Terrace was for all trivial matters like break ups to the serious ones like Moli’s dance (Teri aadaon pe marta hun). In a nutshell most of 4 years of our lives happened here.

So why all this talk today ?  

Had one of those terrace evenings with friends today.I had the 43% poison in my cupboard for quite sometime and had saved it for one of these days.We sat on the top of a 12 storey building under construction and had rains for ambiance.As the liquid started walking in our systems we shifted gears from Metallica to songs from Karan Arjun.When it started walking really fast it was the time to dance on all time hit Dance numbers like: Tip Tip barsa paani and I am a Disco Dancer.Felt great to be back to the old job of bar-tending.A perfect celebration for an awesome day.

Every moment of this party I was reminded of you all and all those moments.Oh God!!, once again to dance with my college friends in this rain

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bhale said...

A bartender who knows your limits, and actually pushes you beyond them, is your true friend... this is best said for you my friend.

By the way... Keep walking!