Monday, October 31, 2011

The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer

Title: The Habit of Winning
Author: Prakash Iyer
Publisher: Penguin India
Price:INR 299

"When faced with the challenge of walking on a thin log across a stream,make sure your mind does not get filled with thoughts of falling into the water."

Charlie Plumb,Karoly Takacs,Roger Bannister,Tyrone Bogus : Do these names ring a bell? Ok how about Sachin Tendulkar,Marvan Attapatu ,Mahatma Gandhi,Randy Pauch ? Better still, I hope you must have seen baloons,kites rabbits and cockroaches.These are the names of people and things who have been winners in their lives.Each of these teaches us an attribute like ,breaking mental barrier,perception of goals,working in a team,hard work,handling pressure,value for money and the list goes on and on which helps us in our practical life.

Are you tired of management books which sound preaching and try to force in ideas to your mind? Everyone loved stories when kids and at the end of the story we talked of the moral of the story.This book is a short story book and each chapter has fodder to inspire,motivate and unleash the winner within.I have read few self help books and had to leave a few midway but I found this one very easy going and inspirational at the same time.The author correctly points out how some things are not taught at B-schools and how the rather trivial act of flying a kite is an important management lesson.

The author also shares some personal stories and also presents a perspective to a better life.He seems to be a great lover of cricket and many of the stories are from the game of cricket.I appreciated the fact that he picked so many examples from the game because those stories easily sink in and would remain with us for a longtime.I liked the chapter on kites where the author points how pulling the thread makes a kite soar higher.I would recommend readers to pick this book for those lessons,after all we all want to be winners.

Rating :4/5 

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