Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Title : Pride and Prejudice
Author :Jane Austen
Publisher : Wilco
ISBN: 81-8252-236-6
Price:INR 149

"It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us."

Set in the 19th century English society this is still considered as one of the best  classics of all time.Everything about this book right from the character development , the language , plot and theme is top notch.We talk here of  a society where the men had all the power and women had to take consideration of their family,social status,wealth to marry someone.The story is about the family of Bennets and their five daughters.What makes it more special is the weak financial condition of their family.The best way to read this book is to step into the shoes of each character and analyze their motives and actions.Every character has a part to play and each of  these have a prejudice of their own.Jane Austen has brought her point without preaching and compromising the entertainment value.

Prejudice works in strange ways , it puts a mask on the brain and renders one incapable of acting rationally.It also makes one presume events without considering all the aspects of the situation.Sometimes it may be because of beauty , social-status or  a certain privileged situation.The book has intelligently brought out these aspects of human nature through a plot.Elizabeth,Mr.Darcy,Mr.Collins,Mrs. Bennet and Lydia bring out the various angels of pride and their actions describes the consequences.

The estate of the Bennet's is entailed to a distant relative named Mr. Collins.He is prejudiced of being a clergyman and in every talk he mentions his profession and his relationship to Lady Catherine.His privileged condition to the Bennet's makes him seek one of the daughter's of the family.He presumes his success because it would ensure that the estate remains with the family.Lydia's action brings out the aspect that how vanity can make fool out of us.But the most important treatment of prejudice is brought out through the character of Elizabeth.Whether Eliza's thought prudently of Mr.Darcy may be a debatable question but there is no denying the fact that she was prejudiced towards him right from the first time she met her.Any further meetings just strengthened her hate in him.These lines bring out her feelings quite aptly," Astonishment,apprehension,and even horror,oppressed her.She wished to discredit it entirely,repeatedly exclaiming,"This must be false!This cannot be!This must be the grossest falsehood!"   

When the Bingley's move in to the neighborhood of the Bennet's Mrs.Bennet sees this as an opportunity for her daughters to make new acquaintance and probably marry one of the Bingley's.But rarely does it happen that everything goes as per plan.In real life too hate and prejudice comes into plying.So will the Bennet's find the correct match? Will love or vanity thrive? What should be your disposition in dealing with daily situations? 
Each sentence of this book is a feast of the English language.If you haven't read it ,please do.

Rating : 4.3/5


Jyoti said...

Prejudice works in strange ways , it puts a mask on the brain and renders one incapable of acting rationally
My God! You have a knack of writing in those precise perfect words.. I had read it long time back.. It is one of the books I can read again.. Lovely review!

Abhinav said...

@Jyoti : Thanks

m.flowerr said...

Neat writing style!Love it!

Abhinav said...

@m.flowerr: Thanks for the appreciation.

Shivangi Shaily said...

I bought this a couple of years before, but could not venture into reading it. Now I can see through. Keep writing reviews :)

Abhinav said...

@Shivangi: Do read it , i am surprised to find that you have not read this one.