Friday, July 11, 2008


Much read and said about the book and after reading it seems everything is true. The whole story is great .Its about love , friendship, faith and above all its about our country . I thought I knew my country well but after reading the book have changed my mind . Shantaram has presented his thoughts profoundly . So here I would like to quote 3 of the paragraphs which were really great.

"My dear friend , you can stand to eat a meal- if you must- and you can stand to make love -if you are able - but it is impossible to stand and drink whisky. It is the act of a barbarian. A man who stands up to drink a noble alcohol like whisky , in all but a toast to some noble thing or purpose , is a beast - a man who will not stop at nothing.

"When you put a lot of money , new and old , into one room- millions of rupees counted twice and snapped into bundles with rubber bands - it stinks- . I like money Didier once said to me but i hate the smell of it . The more happiness i get from it , the more throughly i have to wash my hands afterwards.

"There is no man , and no place , without war . The only thing we can do is choose a side , and fight . That is the only choice we get -who we fight for , who we fight against . That is life.

And last but not least this line from the book is really great "everyone in the whole world , Karla once said , was Indian in at least one past life. "


Anuj Choudhary said...

now that requires a reading...

Anonymous said...

I had this feeling that books never change persons. They change because they want to.

Dunno about Shantaram. Will read it first before commenting for this case... :)

bhale said...

Karla & Didier put spice up the book with great one liners... And yes, we will always repect slcohol my friend