Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sometimes small things can bring us so much happiness. I have been playing football here in the IITD ground for sometime now. Its fun to play here in the lush green ground and most importantly stud junta.So it was another day of football and almost at the end of the play it started raining heavily . It was a welcome rain as it had been quite hot and humid for the whole month. We danced , played and just skidded in the rain . It was great fun . These are the moments that define freedom , pleasure and may be this is life . Finding pleasures in small things is becoming a habit . The natural beauty of the field in the rain was awesome ,all it requires is appreciating it . And then the 2 km run back to the hostel was worth the effort . It was freedom just bathing in the rain and running with so many friends .One of the beautiful evenings of my life .


Anonymous said...

Can only imagine!

karan said...

Ya i remember that day(5th sem) when you all brought pizzas to hostel and it rained heavily that day too... we did the same thing in insti athletics stadium, running with full speed for some 80-90 meters and then skidding for 15-20 meters. I enjoyed the most that day, that too i was accompanied by pogo, ghoda, shampu,focus and a german scholar(who made us do that)

waise saale teri list main abhi tak nahi hoon... marne ke kaam na kar

bhale said...

Mama will ensure that you get lush green fields in insti as well

Moli said...

I can feel it.. exhilarating.. bathing in the rain .. in freedom..
and your love for football