Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The lasts

So finally I come to an end of a chapter of my life . It was the last summer with my beloved friends and also a happy memory of many new friends I made here . Last time I entered the college I was doing project in. Especially it is the last night here and I am not happy about being in home . Well I dont have much creativity to write a song like " Summer of 69 " but I tell you it was much more than that . I just partied with my friends mamme and antenna and about the last time I will be sleeping in this airy room of IITD. So here is the last season , every thing I will be doing in the Insti will be for one but last time .

Here is the pic of my college and I was standing there for one last time .

And another one of the dhabas , the last of the cold drinks and ice creams.

I am happy the last footer game here ended with the rain dance and more happy join my team mates at my home.

And so here is it
Tomorrow will be the last day when I look through my window and the last time i step out of the hostel with my bags packed .
And then it will be the end , a total end to a happy phase of life .

And how can i forget my beloved friends Mamme and dilli without whom the whole summers would have been tasteless.


bhale said...


Moli said...

and the red bricks.. the view from inside and a time back outside of the college... time passes - perspective changes.. but memories of both remain - different.. not comparable

Swati said...

Hi, I like your photos...the one of the dhaba reminds me of India..wish I was there right now :) So are you back in Ranchi?

Shivi said...

well , being in delhi for the last 3 years, I never observed so many facts about the city......... gr8 observation! I must say . you even smelt the mitti ki khushboo......... ! waise padosi ka desh sabko pyara lagta hai! :D