Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Review

The Inscrutable Americans
By: Anurag Mathur

I would categorize this book as a Masala book and mostly fall to the types of "Five Point Someone " and "One Night At Call Center ".Read the whole book on a train and was so captivating that I completed it in one sitting.
The story centers around an average Indian who goes to U.S. for his studies. Like any other Indian he was stuck with this Indian principals and the U.S. open habits was considered a TABOO for him. He meets a helping friend in US who opens new avenues for him and exposes him to a completely glamorous world. From being a vegetarian, non -alcoholic and virgin (very uncommon in US for someone of his age ) he attains entirely great feats in these fields.
Overall a time pass book handy to read on a long journey totally filled with fun and frolic.


Moli said...

With not much time left for the exams ... may be this is the perfect book .. masala .. and short

Anonymous said...

incidentally, i read the book during my train journey too. weirdly enough i associate it more with night lights and damp curtains of the train compartment than it's storyline :P