Saturday, November 22, 2008


Some things in life make you really crazy, may be for me the are these footer studs.A very small thing in my life but wearing it gives me energy. No matter how tired I may be but a game of footer is always on the cards.

So goes the story of this footer stud. Was running out of money in Delhi and still had to buy one of those.Finally found this in a shop at Sarojini Market.Was fun playing in Delhi for the whole summer. Then it travelled with me to my home where another two weeks of football was played. The last part was in Chennai where I played a lot of football even winning an intra hostel tournament.

Yesterday I saw a big hole and realized that the end has come.But it was such a loving memory that I couldn't help writing about it.

Note : Picture edited by moli.
Blog header by Mamme.


Moli said...

It is like a lovely asset. You carry it along everywhere you go and you are ready for a game any time.
Sort-of completes you.
I can feel it.
Waise header is superb

Leela said...

Stud! :P

edita krishnan said...

heheh :) damn sweet:) and ur blog looks very nice too:)

Anamika said...

oh thats really sweet n such loving memories of ur football associated wid d pic ur stud looks worn out but still has d that glaze of ur memories..........really sweet.......

Anonymous said...

stud header