Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bike Ride

Life is all about finding happiness in small things.There is no right way to happiness, it is always your way to happiness. If singing aloud makes you happy , sing if dancing in the rain makes sense to you, dance. People often ask the question, "Are you happy ?" I say,"Make yourself happy."
The Saturday bike ride was one of those happy moments.The gentle rain and cool breeze was all that one wanted.We(Moli and me) set out for the ride. The topic of discussion was how we have changed from what we were in our school days.The happy days remembered on a joyous ride.

That night on returning with FK from a long walk it started raining heavily , but who cares we ran the 2 and half Km of the distance and the hot maggy after that tasted awesome.


aniket said...

Where did you go?

Abhinav said...

@aniket : Long ride on ECR

Moli said...

Pillion can be more relaxing at times :)

Anuj Choudhary said...

bike ride with a friend on such a beautiful day... an evening well spent my friend..