Friday, September 18, 2009

Man Vs Beast

Foxes are considered as one of the most intelligent animals. One interesting way is to see how they hunt. A group of foxes will spread all around the prey over a large area. Now one of them will chase the prey at full speed. Once this fox gets tired another fox will join the sequence and so on until the prey gets tired . A great example of team work for achieving a goal.

On the contrary, we the superior ones can never do a thing without prejudice.The question is,"Who is the beast?"


karan(dilli) said...

Man looks for personal profits and forget about the society as he thinks he can survive without the society or he is that dumb that he does not even think about the society.

while on the other these beasts look for profit at a broader view, they look for profit of everyone as they can not survive without others and unity.

Abhinav said...

Ya dilli you are very correct.

Moli said...

anyone particular you are referring to ...???
We can choose our circle of foxes, can't we?

Shivi said...

man is the new "Beast"!