Friday, September 18, 2009


Some habits that people develop due to excess repetition of work:

A IT guy,"Shit I missed the semicolon in the sms."A tendency for
looking out for ENTER buttons at weird places.

A guy who is in a habit of looking in the rear view mirror while biking tends to do the
same while walking.

Company guys using a lot of swap cars to enter through glass doors generally try opening their room windows
in the same way.

A call center guy to his Girlfriend, "Hi Madam this is X calling from Company Y, how may I help you ?"

Someone in a habit of automated taps forgets that one has to open and close a tap.

A Auto driver will sit in the same angled way in a chair in his room as the seat in his auto.

You can see the guys into cricket, practicing imaginary shots.

Someone into lot of chatting on writing an essay in school "Kinda stk up , brb." Another one is pinging his mother and asking,"Hi asl?"

A bartender pouring water in a glass in the same fashion as beer.

Early in the morning a traffic officer put the whistle in his mouth instead of the tooth brush.


karan(dilli) said...


Moli said...

ha ha ... nice observation

Anuj Choudhary said...

Lovely... Bit exaggerated but fun :D

Bharat said...

lately experienced another one::
Watchman with a whistle (meant for vehicles), whistling at trespassers instead of saying by the mouth!