Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Review : Who moved my cheese? : Dr. Spencer Johnson

" The more important your cheese is to you , the more you want to hold on it."

A simple story which may make you realize a few things which you may have realized but still not incorporated in your lives.  It talks about how people react differently to changes and sometimes are so oblivious to it that they have to repent it later. It talks about overcoming our fear and adapting to changes because changes lead to better things in life. 
Though personally I will not call it a very inspiring one but none the less it took only an hour to read the book.
Reading from the reviews and also discussions in the book ,it has inspired many and has brought out positive changes in many.
So  take this suggestion , the book will cost you less than a movie ticket and instead of whiling away your time , watching some Bollywood's regular shit , you could spend an hour on this. You may end up more happier than cursing the total crap movie.


Neha said...

I read this book long time back..and trust me, was deeply inspired by it simplicity and depth of analysis...

Ashhar Hasan said...

I have read this book...It's a great motivator and helped me to analyze situations and act accordingly...A must read